Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday sanity

I got to sleep in Saturday which was fabulous. Except the phone kept ringing, and although I'd let voicemail get it, I'd then dream about who was on the other end. Sadly it wasn't anyone I really wanted to talk to. 

My daughter got me up to drive her to a sleepover. Normally on weekends I like to kick back with a few lattes from my Tassimo and watch some Food Network, but today I wouldn't get time to linger. I thought of making a latte in my commuter mug, but instead, I made a protein shake and put it in the new Thermos I picked up at Target for about 10 bucks. This Thermos lets me drink my protein shakes on my work commute. Previously, I poured my shake into a big plastic cup and covered the top with Glad Press'n Seal, leaving a part open for drinking. The metal bottle holds 24 ounces of cold liquid. This one has a Threadless design called Juliet.

Thermos Threadless flask
I mixed up a chocolate Low Carb Isopure with cold filtered water (love our Britta) and 4 pumps of SF Torani chocolate syrup in my Blender Bottle. I then shook the *bleep* out of it and poured it into my Thermos. Since there was room, I added ice cubes. Kept it nice and cold until I finished it. I suppose if you blend your shakes with ice, you wouldn't have to use extra ice. 

As part of my errands after dropping off my daughter, I visited a new grocery/health food store that just opened nearby, Mothers Market, which is a local (Orange County) chain similar to Whole Foods, but smaller and less trendy. The food bar looked promising, and I may try some later on. The best thing I found was some tuna. This tuna was so fresh, that you could eat it without mayo. I'm going back, to get some for lunchtime tuna salads. 

Who knows how the rest of my day will turn out. But when I get a good start with 50g of liquid protein, I know it will probably end well.

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