The Gallery of Before

These pics were taken before my surgery. I don't have many "before" pictures because I always avoided the camera. The top two were taken by work friends. A co-worker who joined the company after I had surgery and had lost almost 50 pounds saw these pictures and couldn't believe it was me. I took it as a compliment. 
This was at a Christmas party, 2009, about 10 weeks after I began my pre-op diet and had dropped about 20 pounds. And I was feeling skinny that day!

I'd been dieting several months by this time and was feeling skinnier than ever! Still pre-op. Stretchy leggings!

Still pre-op at this point, when my daughter caught me in bright sunlight with my cell-phone camera.

The "before" picture, taken by my surgeon's staff on my first visit. I believe that's a 2X skirt, with a stretchy waistband. I had to lose weight after this to fit into my "fat" jeans.