Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to real life

The holidays are such a season of excess. I gained 2.4 pounds, which isn’t too bad considering what it might have been in years past. I didn’t go crazy, but I didn’t follow my eating plan. Luckily, my lap-band makes it difficult to overdo it.

I kinda hate this time of year. Everything is about cutting back and becoming a mature adult. Everything’s done up in bright white and not the velvety tones of December. All the magazines are about diets and no longer featuring that delectable food porn that keeps me going. I don’t want to cook it, I just want to look at it.

I don’t like to make resolutions. I figure I have enough metrics I have to fulfill in the rest of my life without it intruding on my personal life, too. I’ll keep up with the food plan and keep reading and commenting on the blogs of other weight-loss surgery folk. One of the reasons I got weight-loss surgery was so I wouldn’t have to “diet” anymore. It’s so comforting to finish a meal and feel full without resorting to stuffing yourself with veggies.

I will be happy to lose weight this year. Every pound I lose is getting me closer to a healthy goal. Still, my success is bittersweet with my husband not being an active part of my life.

If you’re a resolution-focused person, more power to you. May you fulfill your resolutions. I’m fighting this fight on my terms, and victory will be sweet. And sugar-free.

See you next time.