Thursday, January 12, 2012

Off to the gym I go

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need more exercise.

About the only exercise I get these days is walking from the car and taking the stairs to my office. I know exercise is important for permanent weight-loss success. My previous success came when I lost about 55 pounds in five months. I was going to Weight Watchers meetings once a week and working out at a gym four days a week, sometimes more. I could work the elliptical trainer long enough to burn like 500 calories in a session.

But then my work schedule changed, money became tight and other issues contributed to me quitting the gym and Weight Watchers and regaining all the weight, plus more.

So I know I gotta do it, but the biggest problem is finding time to do it. My mornings are tight and after work I do quick errands and visit my husband in his nursing home. Starting any day now, I’ll go to the gym after seeing hubby. I got a good deal on a 24 Hour Fitness membership, the gym I used to attend, and a brand new club opened up a few miles away.

I’m excited about starting. I used to follow a routine with the weight machines, then do the elliptical. I prefer this kind of exercise because I hate walking at night and I’m not big on classes. I’m looking forward to tightening up and maybe getting rid of these bat wings.

When I was a gym member before, maybe 2003, I was amazed at some of the things I saw there. One time, while I was on the stationary bike, the woman next to me left abruptly, then returned, reeking of cigarette smoke. She left the gym for a smoke! And you know how some women work out in sports bras? An older woman followed the style, wearing only a bra as her top, but it was a regular white industrial bra. And unlike gym class, where we’d shower and dress with averted eyes? One member liked to stand in front of the mirror stark naked while rubbing cream on her body. I think she was imagining she was in a soft-porn movie.

Me, I’m going for the health.

See you next time.