Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ooh, a piece of candy …

I accidentally broke my no-candy pledge.

My daughter offered a taste of a KitKat bar that’s sold only in Japan, Sakura Maccha Latte, which I believe is some variation of green tea, that she bought at a Japanese market near Los Angeles. It looks like a KitKat, but it’s green where it should be brown. She offered, I ate. It wasn’t until much later that she remarked that I’d broken my candy pledge. I think I said a curse word, but that was it. The candy consumption did not start a binge or a depression spiral. Just had a piece of candy. And I haven’t had any since.

I wish the rest of my life were so simple. I think the next pledge I’ll have to take will ban cookies. I just can’t leave them alone. My daughter doesn’t really eat them, or she eats ones I don’t like. Yes, there are actually cookies I don’t like. But sometimes I’ll eat even them.

The key to all this would be to eat more protein, such as a morning shake. But it’s been so cool in the morning, it’s hard to drink something cold. And I don’t want to get up earlier. Right now it takes about 20 minutes from getting out of bed to getting out the door, including feeding the rodents (the cats wake me up at 5:30 for food and I stupidly feed them then) and making coffee.

But in the end, when push comes to shove, insert your favorite cliché here, I’m the only one who can do something about me. I’m quite easy when it comes to situations having control over me. Sure, many things are beyond my control, but what goes into my mouth is all mine.

See you next time.