Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I need to eat more

I'm hungrier today, but I am resisting the siren call of the cookies in the vending machine. They aren't very good cookies, anyway, so it's not worth the calorie hit for crappy cookies. The ones I bought a week ago were too rancid to eat, so I'm convincing myself that all of the cookies are rancid. 

Last night I had a half-can of 99 percent fat-free beef chili topped with cheese, flavored with Heinz chili sauce, which is like spicy ketchup, and a few drops of srirachi sauce. Srirachi sauce is very hot, hotter than Tabasco, and very tasty. It comes in a big bottle with a rooster on it, so we call it cock sauce. Yeah, very mature. I did give in to some pistachios, but they're lighter than many of the nuts I could have eaten, and I figure I burned a few calories shelling the little buggers. 

This morning I put 3 pumps of sugar-free chocolate in my protein shake, plus almost a tablespoon of espresso powder. Va-va-voom! I'll bet a Starbucks Via packet would work well, too. 

The cottage cheese at lunch was not as filling as yesterday's. I'm thinking I need something heartier tomorrow. I may have Progresso Lentil soup with some texturized vegetable protein (I buy it from the bulk bins at Winco) thrown in to boost the protein punch. The TVP is flavorless but can be chewy, like when you mix protein powder with hot water. A quarter cup has 15g of protein. It's derived from soy.

I staved off the afternoon munchies with a Click Vanilla Latte shake, with some espresso powder thrown in. I like this one better than chocolate. I made it with milk and water, so that's a nice 24g of protein. 

Dinner will likely be the leftover chili. I think my next goal will be to make a real recipe and have a sit-down dinner. But that means I'd have to clean off months of mail from the dining room table and I'm not sure if I can handle the commitment.
See you tomorrow!

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