Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blame it on the dog

My schedule usually has me eating dinner really late. I sit with my husband at his nursing home until 8, and then my daughter and I often run errands.

Once home last night, I heated up some leftover chili that went down easy the night before. This time, I sat at the couch, but our Chihuahua puppy decided she wanted to share my dinner. I’d take a bite, put the puppy on the floor, take another bite, put the puppy back on the floor, repeat until I become frustrated and stuck. Rush to the bathroom and dinner is finished for the night. We now have a rule that the puppy goes into her pen while I’m trying to eat.

The upside is that I didn’t have much for dinner and wasn’t too hungry the rest of the night. This morning I was starving, and the scale was down 1.2 pounds! My mini goal is to be below 200 when I see my doctor in two weeks, and since I only have 1.1 pounds to go to break the barrier, I think I’m going to make it.

I had planned to have lentil soup with texturized vegetable protein for lunch today, but I couldn’t find the TVP in the kitchen. It was back to the cottage cheese, which I actually really like, with a sprinkling of real bacon bits and shelled sunflower seeds. Gives the cheese more bite.

For my afternoon snack, I had a different protein today. I had Chike strawberry. I ordered a variety pack a few weeks ago and so far I like Chike. It has a lot of flavor, has the right consistency and packs 28g of protein into only 7 ounces of liquid. I’ve had the chocolate and it’s pretty good. I’ve yet to try the other flavors left: banana, vanilla and orange.

With the weekend coming up, I’m not sure what my plan will be. I usually end up sleeping late, stumbling to the couch for a Food Network/Cooking Channel marathon (we all need our food porn) and suck down several lattes that I make in my Tassimo brewbot. I bought more Torani SF syrup and I’m eager to try them in the lattes. I heard rumors of pumpkin spice flavor, but one of my local World Markets didn’t have it. I did pick up brown sugar cinnamon, which looks tasty. I’ve bought pumps for all the bottles, so my kitchen looks like a Starbucks.

Don’t know what dinner will be tonight, but I know it won’t include dog.

See you tomorrow.

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