Monday, September 19, 2011

Doing it every day

I read a lot of other bloggers' blogs about weight loss surgery. A lot of them post every day. I was thinking, How come they post every day and I don't?

Because they do something about weight loss every day.

Um, I don't.

I'm drifting, I know.

Started like gangbusters with the pre-op diet, doing 2 protein shakes a day and a tiny dinner. I lost more than 40 pounds, including the month or so I got sidetracked with pneumonia. Got the band in July '09 and dropped about 35 more.

Then my husband suffered a stroke and had to be placed in a rehab center. Worrying about him set me back more than a year. Like a lot of people with weight issues, I put everything else first. But he's stable now, and I've realized our life isn't going to be like it was, so I have to forge a new direction. I'm working the band harder. Hitting the protein, downing the water.

I'm going to post every day what I've done well and done wrong. Maybe no one will read this and it'll be only me. I'm writing it and liberating it. And on the way I'm liberating some pounds.

See you tomorrow.

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