Monday, October 3, 2011

What is it with me and dinner?

I can have a wonderful day eating, but then when it comes to dinner—problems. Part of the problem is that I eat so late because of my schedule. I rarely get home before 9 p.m. After work, I visit my husband at his nursing home until visiting hours end at 8 p.m., then I need to run errands.

Today I made sure to being more food. Had my 50g protein shake on the way to work, then lunch about 3/4 cup of cottage cheese with bacon bits and sunflower seeds. I found a different brand of low-fat (2%) cottage cheese that has 10 more calories per serving but 3g more of protein, giving 15g of protein per half cup. The cottage cheese even tasted richer. Midafternoon I had a 20g of protein QuestBar, and on the drive from work a couple of string cheese sticks. So far, so good. For dinner, I got chili from Wendy’s, which is low fat and high in protein. But I could take only a few bites before I had to run to the bathroom.

I just can’t seem to eat anything substantial at night. Although I’m usually able to munch some pistachios, but I’m out of them, so that’s not an option right now.

Perhaps I should just load up midday and have a protein shake or some clear broth at night. I have an appointment with my surgeon on Thursday, so I’ll be asking some questions.

Meanwhile, all the walking I did over the weekend didn’t do much, in fact, I even was up a few ounces this morning. In the old days, I’d just say *bleep* it and work my way through the cookie and candy aisles. Nowadays I know that’s not an option. I know I’ll find my way out of this malaise.

See you tomorrow.

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