Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting my food groove on

My good day of eating finally paid off. The scale was down 0.8, after going up, up, up, then stalling. I think I’ve finally found the right way for ME to eat.

To recap, I had small meals all day and skipped dinner in favor of a few wasabi peas and pistachios. I realize that I don’t need a big meal at night. My band seems to tighten up by the time I’m home.

Today’s experiment with a warm protein shake failed miserably. I mixed a chocolate shake with 4 pumps of SF Torani chocolate syrup and a few teaspoons for espresso powder. Then I poured it into a measuring cup and zapped it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time at 3/4 power. When it finally seemed warm enough, I removed it from the oven and stirred. All the protein had congealed into a brown gelatinous lump. No, thank you! I mixed up another, this time with not-so-cold water so it wasn’t frosting the container. It proved to be a good drink on the way to work on a rainy morning.

Tomorrow I see my lap-band doctor, and I might have my band tightened, so who knows what will come after that. If it’s tightened, I’ll be on liquids for a couple of days, then mushies for a few days, then back to normalish. I’ll be attending a small conference Saturday, with lunch included, so I’ll eat what I can, and bring a few protein items for supplement it. I’ll probably have a piece of cake—it’s the organization’s 30th birthday, and I’ve been a member for 24 of those years. Then in the evening, we’ll have wine. So I won’t complain Monday that I didn’t lose any weight. Sometimes life intrudes, but it doesn’t have to be a full halt to getting healthier.

See you tomorrow.

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