Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fear of the new and different

I always tell myself that I want things to change, but change is scary.

Work has left me discombobulated recently. I got a new computer—brand new out-of-the-box, fully loaded Windows 7 machine that no one’s used before. Sweet deal. (As an aside, the last time I got a new computer was at my previous job—and I was laid off a week later. So I was a little leery when they told me a new one was coming. Luckily, I’m working for a much better employer these days.) With the new computer comes new ways of doing things. I’m pretty good with a computer, but stuff I use all the time is in different places and some of it didn’t transfer over from the old computer and I have to re-create it. The computer makes different noises in different places.

Lap-band surgery obviously puts your life on a different track.  The old way of eating doesn’t work and you need to develop new strategies for your meals. Mostly I’ve done that, but occasionally I’ll fall back on old habits. Today was a pretty good day eating, although it started weak. We had an uncustomarily dark morning with threat of rain, and I just couldn’t bring myself to drink a cold shake. Instead I made a sugar-free double-shot cappuccino—about 60 calories. I picked up the protein throughout the day with cottage cheese and a midafternoon 28g of protein shake. I skipped dinner, just had a few pistachios and some dried wasabi peas. Not a great meal, but it did stay down.

Tomorrow, I’m going to make my shake, then gently warm it in the microwave. If I can make my shake like a latte, I’ll be happy. Powdered protein is finicky, and if you get it too hot too fast it turns lumpy. And nobody wants that.

I’m sure I’ll warm up to my new computer and be even more efficient soon. When things change, you have to realize you need to roll with it.

My weight? Still the same, although my clothes are looser and my ring is falling off. I’m getting somewhere, the numbers just haven’t caught up yet.

See you tomorrow.

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