Monday, October 10, 2011

I thought I’d gain and I did

I attended a conference/pajama party with a bunch of romance writers this weekend and expected that I’d gain a little, and I did, about 1.2 pounds. But that’s life. I got back on the wagon right away and will probably lose that really quickly.

In the past, I’d turn that one-day event into a week- or month-long binge-o-rama.  I got back on the wagon right away. I love the freedom that I’m really only accountable to myself and I don’t have to sweat a weigh-in on a particular day. When I had the weekly weigh-in with Weight Watchers, I got into a habit and binging and starving and that’s not good.

My conference/party day started OK. I had a QuestBar for breakfast with lots of coffee. Lunch was rubber chicken, potatoes, veggies, and orange sorbet for dessert. I should have brought a container because when I could only finish a few bites of the chicken, I discovered the hotel wouldn’t let me take the leftovers home. Some of lunch didn’t stay down, but the sorbet did. From then on, it was coffee, cake, red wine, happy hour chips and salsa, more red wine, and Halloween candy with red wine. The bad eating was worth the experience of brainstorming with a pack of authors in various states of inebriation. I got to know people I’ve known superficially for years at a deeper level. It was fun, and the friendships will go on, but the overeating ended that night.

I may attend another party someday like the one Saturday, and I may overdo it. The idea that the party food, not matter how “bad” it was for my eating plan, is available occasionally means I don’t have to eat everything because “my diet is starting tomorrow.”  Luckily, sort of, none of my friends is a big party animal, so the holidays shouldn’t be too dangerous.

When you fall off the wagon, remember: There’s a new wagon coming by every minute.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Hey!! Thanks for finding my Blog Twin! ;)

    And totally agreed with the wagon thing. I don't know how many wagons I've fallen off of, and watched pass me by.. But there's always another one coming :)