Thursday, October 13, 2011

Old dog can’t forget old tricks

I know I’ve raved here about not eating dinner. I’ve had damn near perfect days undone by an unwise dinner.

Last night I added some no-fat refried beans to a leftover Mexican beef/bean/cheese combo from Trader Joe’s. I had eaten part of it the night before with little problem. I felt really full for a while and thought I might have to make a bathroom dash, but everything stayed down. Last night I added blue tortilla chips for dipping. Chips have become a no-no for me because they tend to get stuck. But did I eat them anyway? Yes! Did they get stuck? Yes! I have no excuse. I guess I thought that this time they wouldn’t get stuck. My band is moody in that it’ll handle something fine one time and get stuck the next. But no need to push it, I just need to push the chips away.

On the bright side, I dropped a couple of pounds this week and am now down 82.5 pounds. I still don’t have an exercise program because I’m pretty much driving, at work, or visiting my husband in the nursing home. I do work on the second floor of a building without an elevator. I even had to run an errand in the next building over, so I went up and down the stairs an extra time today. This weekend I’m taking my daughter and her friend to a bird farm, an antiques mall, and other shopping, so at least I’ll be walking.

See you tomorrow. 

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