Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A day with no drama

Today went smoothly. No crises, no revelations, no heroic efforts. In other words, it was just a normal day.

Oh wait, I did try something different at breakfast. I made my usual 50g protein shake, cold, but I also brought along coffee. I have a Tassimo single-cup brewer at home that makes all different types of coffee drinks. One of the coffees I make is a European style, which means strong and small. It brews at about 5 ounces instead of 8 to 12 ounces of the other coffees. I drank with along with my shake, so it almost was a warm shake, and I got that rich coffee flavor I’ve been craving. I figure since the shake is liquid I’m not hurting anything by also drinking coffee. I normally don’t drink during meals.

I think I was helped in my eating today by something I saw late last night. Iron Chef, a really old episode from Japan, featured escargot as the secret ingredient. I’ll eat a lot of things, but after battling snails around our condo complex, I’ll pass on the escargot. I had them once, at a Newport Beach restaurant. Besides the snails, the chefs brought in snail roe and frog legs. One chef put olives on the frog legs where the feet should be, and when he tossed them into the oil, they started spreading. I don’t care if it tastes like chicken, that’s not making it into my mouth.

Now, if I can remember that image when a decadent dessert is calling my name, I’ll stick to plan.

See you tomorrow.

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