Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hot piece of heaven on a plate

I tried a Quest Bar today. I read about them on another blog (thanks, Eggface!) and they sounded appealing. Each has 170 calories with 20g of protein and 6g of fat, and the 24g of carbs are offset by 18g of fiber. Yeah, that sounds good, but how do they taste? I bought a case of the chocolate brownie flavor and brought one to work. I zapped it in the microwave for 20 seconds. It smelled like a chocolate brownie. It tastes like a thick, chewy chocolate confection. Besides tasting great, I’ve felt full for the two hours since I ate it. I also bought one apple pie flavored bar and I’m trying that tomorrow.

My weight was the same this morning, but my clothes are looser. Had to get an early start today because my daughter had a doctor appointment at the crack of dawn—8 a.m. I mixed up my usual 50g chocolate protein shake with added espresso powder and 4 pumps of SF Torani syrup. But today I accidentally put in the brown sugar cinnamon flavor instead of chocolate. An interesting change. I might try that again.

I also have protein powder in a peach-mango flavor and I can’t help but think some mango and/or peach syrup would enliven that.

The only problem with getting an early start is that I finished my morning shake earlier than usual, so I was hungry earlier. I just made a cup of coffee and told myself that I needed to wait until noon or later for lunch. If I don’t have discipline, I can artificially impose it and it’s almost the same thing. I’m proud of myself that I’m not eating between meals.

My only regret yesterday was that dinner could have been better. Had some errands to run and we went to a new health/grocery store that opened nearby. I bought some almonds and ended up eating those instead of having a proper dinner. Then I had some pistachios later at home. Tonight I’m having some “diet chicken salad”—that’s what they called it—we bought last night. I feel the need for meat.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the bars. They are super filling I agree. My favs the Apple Pie well so far... I've got a box of PB&J on the way I'm thinking might trump those.