Thursday, September 29, 2011

Breaking a streak—not in a good way

Since I started conscious eating and following the band rules, I’ve avoided making emergency dashes to the restroom during a meal.

Until last night.

My daughter and I went to an Asian coffeehouse. It’s really a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, but they also offer Asian drinks such as boba tea and a short food menu. We ordered tuna salad crepes. The tuna salad part was great—light on the mayo and with the addition of corn. Unfortunately, I ate part of the crepe, and that proved to be the problem. I thought that since it was so light it would just slide through, but no. I ended up dashing to the restroom (which actually is quite nice in this place). When I got back to the table, I felt hungry, so I ate a little more. Mistake. I should remember that once I make a trip to the restroom, nothing will stay down for hours. But I didn’t, and I made a few more trips.

I thought my little adventure might pay off at the scale, but I was actually up a few ounces. Strange, because my pants are getting baggier. I’m not going to sweat it; I stuck to my plan today. I started with a peach-mango 50g protein shake. Since it’s not coffee or chocolate based, I couldn’t use my regular flavor enhancers, so I added some of my daughter’s Torani peach syrup. It’s not sugar free, and that added 70 calories. It wasn’t as satisfying as my chocolate shakes. Perhaps I need to get both peach and mango SF syrups, and maybe even add some vanilla. For my midafternoon snack, I had the apple pie-flavored QuestBar (good suggestion, Eggface). This one is very good, and I wish I would have heated it, but I was in a hurry.

Tonight’s dinner will not be a tuna salad crepe. I have a cabinet and fridge full of soups, fat-free beans and other goodies, so I won’t go hungry.

See you tomorrow.

Late update: Turns out the tuna salad I bought at the health food store was pretty dry and did not go down well. We'll it went down but didn't stay down. Ended up having a bunch of pistachios for dinner. They stayed down. Better have beans tomorrow.

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