Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fight the fear and happiness follows

One of my favorite films is Defending Your Life, starring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep as recently departed folks who must justify their life decisions before they can pass to the next level or return to Earth to do it again. (Also, while you’re in this way station, food is delicious and you can eat as much as you like and not gain weight. Are you sure it’s not heaven?)

The biggest reason people get sent back to Earth? Fear. Fear of taking risks, fear of facing the enemy. Anything that holds you back from doing the right thing.

My big fear lately has been to get on the scale. I haven’t exactly been eating the way I should and many inappropriate foods made their way to my mouth. Like I wrote yesterday, I got out of my good habits and reverted to some of my old ones during the holidays. But today I hopped on the floor monster expecting a gain, took a deep breath, and discovered I’d actually lost 0.4 of a pound.

So all that fear and anxiety was for nothing. In fact, I had to wear jeans that previously were too tight for comfort because my dryer broke as I was drying my 2 pairs of jeans that fit.  Now, I’m not saying these pants aren’t tighter than I’d like, and that I have a muffin top worthy of Cupcake Wars. But I survived today, and only had to unbutton them once, right after lunch. Who knew cottage cheese had so much bulk?

There’s no reason not to face what you fear. Whether I gained or lost weight had already happened, and my ignorance wasn’t going to change anything. In fact, finding out I’d lost a bit made me feel better about myself today, and who doesn’t enjoy a good mood.

See you next time.

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