Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making the best of it

My daughter had her heart set on eating at The Old Spaghetti Factory last night. We used to eat there literally every Friday. You get a full meal, with salad, entrée, drink, and dessert. I was a little worried because pasta isn’t my ideal meal—may my Italian ancestors forgive me!—because of all the carbs.

Well, we started with salad, which I usually can’t handle too well. I get stuck on lettuce, of all things. I ate a bit of a salad with the creamy pesto dressing—it’s to die for. I made sure to put dressing only on parts I was going to immediately eat, and saved the rest of the salad for my guinea pigs. For my entrée, I ordered crab-stuffed ravioli in pesto-alfredo sauce. I got about 8 huge pillows of pasta and ate a couple of them. Actually, at about 1 too many and had to make a dash to the restroom. The rest will be dinner tonight. Both of us were so stuffed that we declined dessert of spumoni, and OSF has great spumoni.

The upshot is that I dropped a little weight last night. Yesterday I had a shake for breakfast—a 28g protein shake, smaller than my usual—and a half-can of chili for lunch. Greek yogurt for midafternoon snack and skinny Starbucks mocha for the drive home. Then pasta for dinner. A few mixed nuts after I got home. Now that’s a “diet” I could stay on.

I was pleased to see this morning that my fasting blood sugar was even lower, 94, than earlier this week. That tells me I’m going the right direction.

See you tomorrow.

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