Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Change is good, but it's scary

I’ve been shrinking in the oddest places.

The other day, my wedding band fell off. Just plain slipped off my finger as I let my hand dangle. I tried it on another finger, but it wouldn’t fit very well. So I’ve had to put it in a jewelry box drawer until I can find a nice chain and wear it around my neck. I plan to get it and my engagement ring resized, but I still have about 60 pounds to lose and no telling how skinny my fingers will be. I found my high school class of 1973 ring the other day and it barely fit on my little finger.

I do feel sort of naked without my wedding band. Not that I get hit on in real life. On Facebook, all the time. By guys who can’t read the word “Married” in my profile.

So why can’t my ass catch up with my fingers? I suppose if I were working out I’d have better luck down there. I type most of the day, so my fingers are probably the fittest part of my body.

I have been able to stop the last of my diabetes medications. I was taking Actos every evening. My last A1C reading a few months ago was still high, but much lower than before surgery. I’ve been waking up shaky in the morning. I stopped taking it a week ago and have been checking my blood sugar readings in the morning. I’m right around 100, which is acceptable. I do feel better in the morning, although I never wake up full of sunshine. However, after a few cups of coffee, I’m my cheerful self.

I hope you all can find your cheerful selves so easily. See you tomorrow.

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