Monday, October 24, 2011

I love the weekend

Weekends used to be hell on my weight loss because a week of deprivation would cause an orgy of overindulgence, then I’d have to really cut back to make up for it.

But now, my weekends usually include lots of shopping, which means walking, which means exercise. I walked off 1.4 pounds on Saturday. I actually braved the mall, since I had some stuff to pick up. We started with lunch at Nordstrom. I got a white bean turkey chili that was to die for. Of course I couldn’t finish it, so I had the rest for dinner that night. We walked the hell out of that mall, then went to World Market and walked some more. I found Torani sugar-free syrup in Peppermint to add to my growing library of flavors.

I’ll admit we did stop at Godiva for a piece of chocolate. We got a fruity piece with raspberries and blueberries sitting in a canoe of chocolate. My daughter and I split it the next morning. I find really good chocolate so satisfying that one piece will do—especially when you only buy one piece.

Sunday found us having dinner at a barbecue restaurant. I got the pulled pork platter. The meat was so tender and went down easy. I’ll be having it for dinner the next few nights. I’ve been craving some barbecue and I’m glad I could find some to satisfy me. I’ve purchased premade barbecue before and it wasn’t the same. The barbecue sauce is always too sweet. I don’t have dumping problems, but I want meat, not ketchup.

I’ve happily figured out that I won’t need to buy Halloween candy this year because I won’t be home until late and the daughter is going to a party. We have never gotten more than a couple of trick-or-treaters because we’re a gated complex of mostly young adults. In the past, I’ve tried to buy candy I don’t like, but the problem is that there isn’t any candy I really don’t like. And kids don’t like when you give out liver.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. i was craving BBQ sauce so I got some to mix with some chicken and it was too sweet for me too! congrats on the continued weight loss =) it's always nice to find something you like doing such as walking/shopping and realizing it's a good change from what you used to do =D