Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Always at a cocktail party

I’ve been a fast eater all my life. Shoveling it in like my life depended on it. At least I was fast at something!

To counteract my chowhound tendencies, I downsized my tools. In the picture above, you can see the cocktail plate and utensils I now use at work. I’m eating the last of my chicken-or-tuna salad left over from Saturday’s lunch. The small utensils mean I can’t take too big of a bite at one time. I’ve been training myself to set aside the utensils between bites to minimalize the shoveling.

The salad was a bit bland as I ordered it, so I added chopped Bermuda onions. I love onion in tuna or chicken salad. Gives it a good tang, and the onion flavor lingers, so I continuously feel like I just finished eating.

As with yesterday, the meaty protein has stayed with me longer than the cottage cheese I usually eat. I’ll probably have Greek yogurt a little later and perhaps cheese sticks on the drive home.

The plate and utensils are available at Cost Plus World Market. The utensils are for cocktail eating and I found them near the utensils you can buy singularly. The plate is with the Asian eating ware. You could use a saucer or dessert plate. Previously I was using a pickle fork for eating. I used to call it my “cheesecake fork,” because I liked using a tiny fork when I was binging cheesecake to make it last longer, and so it would all thaw by the time I reached the end. (This was in the days before everyone had a microwave oven—yeah, I’ve been overeating a loooong time.)

So now that I’ve made lunch into cocktail time—minus the tasty cocktails—I can pretend I’m having a good time.

At least the food is fun to eat.

See you tomorrow.

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