Thursday, March 15, 2012

No poke for me

After conferring with the experts at my surgeon’s office, we decided I wouldn't have a fill this time. I’m going back in six weeks to check again.

In the meantime, the nutritionist told me to eat more solid food. Currently I eat lots of so-called soft foods—cheese, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt (among a few things I shouldn’t). I need to eat more meat. I have a killer tuna salad recipe that also works for chicken. (The secret is chopped onion and sweet-pickle relish. Maybe that isn’t such a secret, but it beats the tuna-mayo combo I used to eat.)

I have a *bleep*load of recipes saved on my computer, plus access to lots of great blogs that feature WLS-friendly recipes. I get home too late at night to cook a proper dinner, so I’ll look for recipes I can cook at my leisure and reheat.  

Sounds like an adventure to me.  Challenge accepted.

See you next time.

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  1. It is easy to think you need a fill, when you are eating the softer foods, I hope the new eating plan works well and you find you are at a better level of restriction than you thought :o)